Softball Season...

Softball season has started. We had our opening season game on Saturday in the pouring down rain. All the girls did a great job. I was proud of all of them. I did not get many pictures since it rained the whole time. So tonight the girls had another game and again they did great! It's amazing how much they have improved since last year. I always enjoyed playing softball so I am so glad the girls are having fun and wanting to play.

The above picture is our little Miss Emma playing catcher again this year. She loves being the catcher!
Wow Miss Gracie you sure have improved on your hitting. She had two very nice hits this evening. Way to Go!!! Gracie is playing second base this year. I didn't get a picture of her tonight. So hopefully next week. I was pretty busy chasing little man around. He is soooo busy and fast!

Miss Emma batting. She also had two nice hits this evening. Way to Go!!!

Miss Gracie and Miss Emma
We love you and we are so proud of both of you!


  1. Thanks Tisha! The girls can't wait to see your kiddos and you. They keep asking when are we going to Indy! Looking forward to next month. Tell everyone we said "Hi"!

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