Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Grace and Happy 16 Month Birthday Baby Silas!!!

Today my sweet baby girl turns "9"! Wow how the time goes by so fast. She is growing up so quickly. Grace has a "big" heart and I am so proud of her. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!! We love you very much!
(Here is a picture of her eating at her favorite restaurant for her Birthday. Grace just loves her Mexican food... yummy!)

Today our baby boy turns 16 months old. Silas has been home with us for 10 months this week and he is doing great. We love you buddy!

* I will be posting Grace's Birthday party pics later this week. Oh, what fun she had! She had a "Wear your favorite P.J's party" and it what a "hoot"!!! So more fun pics to come later...
I hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday! We finally have some sunshine here today and I can't wait to enjoy it!


  1. Happy Birthday Grace!!!!!!! I CANNOT believe HOW big Silas is. We need to get together again soon! Love you friend.

  2. OH MY GOSH - It has been 10 months this week!! Happy Birthday Grace, we love the same food!! Love to The Bogards from Texas!!